Home: You Will Think & Act white If You Are Educated In & Live European Culture…Developing A Black Or None-white Identity Requires Being Educated & Living African Culture

Southern Cradle-African…Warm Climate Model

1. Come from environment of abundance of vital resources: plenty food & water

2. Sociality is concentric; everybody equal

3. Society non-sexualized

4. Children revered

5. No word for love and sex

6.Communal, hanging out doors, community, give eye contact & speak

7. Peaceful nature…can’t we just get along?; never chattel slavery

8. Matriarchal family…a village to raise a child, no illegitimacy; extended family; man kind’s my brother; respect elders; revere children

9. Women always independent

10. Xenophilia- strangers welcome in neighborhood

11. Interdependent-we depend on each other; do your thing as long as it doesn’t hurt family or the group

12. God is benevolent; Not born in sin; no hell; takes both male & female to make life –aunk; sex is ok; optimism- clear, sunny climate.

13. Literature – novel tales, positive fairytales, fables & comedy.

14. Marriage 15. Sex for procreation, continuation of life; between tribes not individuals; no same sex before introduction by whites16. Nature belongs to everyone17. Spirituality, live it 24/7

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