Gentrification…How We Lost DC Is How We Lost Africa


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“How We Lost DC” at Honfleur Gallery Wednesday, Sept. 16 – Oct 31…I Wonder If Gentrification Is Similar To The Underdevelopment Of Africa or Hawaii or Oceania, Alaska, etc.  

For according to anthropologist, George Balandier, the European went around the world relocating people of color.  Even though I say “went”, it’s still happening.  It’s the same as gentrification in DC 2015…and, other cities across the US.

History repeats itself…especially, if you don’t know history…because, those who don’t know history are doomed, say Black scholars.



Few cities are undergoing a period of gentrification as lengthy as D.C.’s, and perhaps none are gentrifying as quickly. The individual stories of displacement, as well as the larger narrative arc that shows how class and racial lines overlap to push out poorer minority communities, have particular poignancy in D.C., one of the first cities in the U.S. with a black majority. Against this backdrop, the local African-American artist collective Delusions of Grandeur created How We Lost DC, an exhibition the group calls “a visual discourse on gentrification.” The work of Wesley Clark, Larry Cook, Shaunté Gates, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Amber Robles-Gorden, and Stan Squirewell encompasses photography, textile, paintings, mixed media, and sculpture in a show that moves between portraiture and would-be artifacts to tapestry and art made from maps of the District itself. The group uses these works to provide commentary on a world where, in their words, “the rise to wealth is ever present, yet elusive.” The exhibit takes place at Honfleur Gallery, itself a project of ARCH Development Corporation, a nonprofit dedicated to sparking economic and residential revitalization in Anacostia, one of D.C.’s poorest neighborhood and one that could gentrify soon. The exhibition is on view Tuesdays through Fridays noon to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., to Oct. 31, at Honfleur Gallery, 1241 Good Hope Road SE. Free. (202) 365-8392.

By Emily Walz

Solutions….Take Many Forms….Every Little Bit Helps


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Solutions…Signing Petitions, Free Hair Cuts for Reading A Book, Marches, Street Protests, Art-Songs/Pictures/Movies, Social Media, Digital Classrooms, Town Meetings, Etc., Etc.

A Song

Afghan rapper escaped teen marriage by singing about it

Afghan Girl

Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh narrowly escaped a forced marriage at 16 by writing the song “Brides for Sale.” She recently visited West Oakland, California, and was surprised that the US, like Iran and Afghanistan, has poor neighborhoods and homeless people.

To Town Hall Meetings

To Actual Revolution

Otto Pérez Molina out as Guatemala’s President, ordered to jail

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European Culture Birthed Sexism, Classism, & Racism


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Killer Still At Large…”System of Racism/White Supremacy”

Originally, Was a The System of Domination & Control: Wealthy White Men Oppressed Their Women & Poor White Men Before They Encountered Black People, But They Did, They Oppressed Us, Too

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Replace ‘capitalism’ with ‘non-hierarchical, communialism’.  What is ‘communalism’?  It originated in Black Africa and is STILL practiced in places where people live traditionally per minimal contact with European hierarchical culture that dominates and controls people (will research & provide names of some groups later).

For your study, see the following scholars and/or works:

Diop's Book

Diop is the primary scholar because he disproved white scholars; he proved that Egypt is in Africa, that the people of Egypt were/are Black, and that Black culture (characterized by equality of sexes, communal, interdependence, & cooperation) is different from white culture (sexist, hierarchical, independence, & competition).  Not an easy read so here is a link to a pretty good summation…

Other works that further expound on the difference of thetwo cultures include…don’t read, scan to answer the questions:

Once we’re clear on culture we’re better be able to understand racism, it’s origin, and how it impacts our lives…10 life areas: education, entertainment, political/economics, health, labor, law, religion, sex/relationships, & war (amended F.Welsing’s areas)… AND, KNOW HOW TO COUNTER, NEUTRALIZE, ERADICATE IT and, know what to expect of whites.